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Gallstones leading to Jaundice

We often hear people complaining of gallstones. Many of us discard the matter saying that it is trivial. But it isn't something to be ignored because gallstones can cause a number of diseases as a sequel to it. Jaundice is one the most common disease which is caused by gallstones and if it is not taken care of, you will have to go through disastrous outcomes. Timely treatment is necessary for any disease. Here's a very brief study of gallstones and jaundice.

What are gallstones?

Gallstones are small solid substances that form in the gallbladder, an organ beneath the liver. The gallstones are formed from bile cholesterol and bilirubin, which are the products of bile juice(fluid secreted by the liver to help in fat digestion).

Gallstones are of two types, mainly:

  • Cholesterol stones which are caused by excess cholesterol in the bile.
  • Pigment stones are caused by excess bilirubin in the bile.

How do gallstones cause jaundice?

Gallstones are also responsible for causing jaundice. Jaundice takes place when the gallstones obstruct the pathway of bile or bile duct to the small intestine. The symptoms of jaundice are yellowing of the skin as well as the whites of the eye, dark color of urine etc.

The liver produces bile juice for digesting food and for delivering waste products to the small intestine. When the bile's path is blocked by the gallstones, bilirubin which is also a part of the bile juice, starts getting accumulated in the liver and finally flows into the bloodstream. This causes the skin and the whites of the eye to turn yellow. Jaundice, when related to gallstones, is called painful obstructive jaundice.
Usually, the doctors prescribe medications for pain and antibiotics and when gallstones are diagnosed, they are removed via endoscopic surgery to prevent the obstruction caused in the bile duct.

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