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Know More About Giant Ventral Hernia

Date : 10-Jan-2019

Abdominal wall hernias are seen more often in multiparous women who are moderately obese and had multiple operations on their abdomen. Some of those hernias are large and grotesque often contain multiple bowel loops and had repeated operations in the past. So, here we will be discussing Giant Ventral Hernia whose risk factors are way higher. We have chosen this particular kind as a topic of discussion to make you aware of its circumstances and the various treatments available.

What is a Giant Ventral Hernia?

The Ventral Hernia is a collection of tissues that bulges through a weak opening in the abdominal wall muscles. The hernia can occur in any region of the abdominal wall. Since these hernias can occur at the healed sites of former surgical incisions, they are sometimes called the incisional hernias. If a ventral hernia is left untreated, they can grow into giant hernias which increases the risk of further complications. These giant ventral hernias are much more difficult to be treated. Swelling can cause the hernia contents to be trapped, which results in strangulation (minimal or no blood supply to the tissues involved).

What are the complications associated with Giant Ventral Hernias

The giant ventral hernias are so massive that they have a length of 15cm and an overall area of 150 cm2 and that is why they pose a serious risk. These giant hernia contain multiple bowel loops and dense omentum and it becomes very difficult to separate them from the hernial sac. The complications of these hernias are:

  • Incarceration: The intestine gets stuck in the weak abdominal wall and can't be pushed back into the abdominal cavity. This blocks the blood supply to the intestine.
  • Strangulation: The intestine might decay or even die when the blood supply is blocked. An immediate surgery is required to restore the blood flow and the intestine.

What are the Symptoms?

  • An unprepossessing bulge in the abdominal wall
  • The wounds taking a very long time to heal or non-healing of the wounds
  • Severe back pain causing immobility

What are the available Treatments?

The most popular treatments for giant ventral hernia:

  • Mesh placement surgery: This surgery is considered to be one of the safest and most reliable surgeries which have proved to reduce the risk of recurrence of the hernia. Here the tissues are pushed back into place and sewed in a mesh pattern which keeps it in place.
  • Components Separation: The surgical procedure separates layers of the muscles of the abdominal wall. This lengthens the muscles so that they reach the midline from each of their sides.
  • Laparoscopic repair: In this case, a mesh may or may not be used. Multiple incisions are made to fix the hernia. The surgery is performed using the guidance of a small camera.

Giant Ventral Hernia Treatment in Tamilnadu

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