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Emergency Abdominal Surgery

Date : 30-May-2020

What is emergency surgery?

Any surgery that may be necessary to deal with acute threat to life, limb, organ or tissue caused by external trauma, disease or complication of an earlier surgery, can be termed Emergency Surgery.

Emergency Abdominal Surgery

Emergency Abdominal Surgery:

That part of the human body between the chest and the pelvis is referred to as the abdomen and surgery to any part or organ inside this area is termed Abdominal Surgery and when there is any life threatening issue to any part or organ here that requires surgery, then it is an Emergency Abdominal Surgery.

Any medical situation where infection, severe pain, obstruction or a tumour in the abdominal area causes threat to the patient, may need immediate surgery. The more common of these surgeries include those for hernia removal, appendectomy, inflammatory bowel disease and abdominal exploration.

These surgeries can be of two types: Invasive; where the surgeon makes a traditional incision, which is later closed with sutures or staples; and Non Invasive; where tiny incisions are made and tiny specialised instruments and cameras are inserted to take a clear view of the internals.

Emergency Abdominal Surgery


What are the risks involved; emergency or otherwise?

All medical procedures have risks and here these include: infection, internal bleeding, damage to nearby organs and least of which external scar tissue. There is also the secondary risk like reaction to medication; breathing problems caused by anaesthesia.

There may be temporary paralysis of the bowel; swelling, tingling and numbness around the operated area; nausea and loss of appetite and decreased mobility in day to day life

Wherever possible, discuss the potential risks with the doctors involved.

Blog reviewed by: Dr. Patta Radhakrishna
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