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Best Piles Surgeon in Chennai

Date : 12-Aug-2019

PILES are enlarged or inflated blood vessels of the anus. Called as Hemorrhoids in medical terminology. It is the dilation of all the veins of the anus. It appears either bluish or purplish, causing swelling due to stagnated blood.

Symptoms of Piles are Bleeding, Itching, pain and lump feelings in the anus. In some cases , we tend to neglect the PILES Symptoms, and so need to visit a doctor. People who are just in their teens or young are affected. Reasons can be many for this Piles. But some symptoms that leads to this disease are diet, living styles, sitting habits. People do get confused with normal symptoms of other diseases. So it is advised to consult a doctor only if the pain is unbearable and you need a surgery to live for.

Best Piles Surgeon in Chennai

Some muscular tensions and psychological reasons can cause PILES.

People Affected are:

  • Traveler sitting or squatting for long duration’s.

  • Sedentary Workers.

  • Alcoholics and those who have liver disorders.

  • People who have severe constipation or diarrhea.

Types of PILES are :

Internal Piles : This type of piles do happen inside the anus. It starts at the upper part of the anal canal . Usually the area is not pain sensitive as it lacks nerve innervation’s.

External Piles : It is most commonly seen on the outer edge of the anus. These are painful because the lower part has pain sensitive areas in the nerve fiber. Some patients can have both types of PILES.

Stages of Piles :

Primary Piles: mainly due to hereditary reasons or due to any serious factor or Obstruction.

Secondary Piles : Seen as a continuation of some other diseases. Also caused as a part of disorders in connection to the obstruction. For example liver disorders, portal hypertension due to blockage in rectal or pelvic, tumors, cancer, etc.

Prolapsed Piles: Geographical Region of a person is also a cause for this type of piles. This type of piles need extra care in the initial periods otherwise it develop in to gangrene and get strangulated. Initial periods have protrusions inside which recedes without assistance after passing stools. In this the protruding part would not even recede even with pressing of fingers.

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