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Anal Fissure Surgeon in Chennai

Date : 10-Jun-2018

An anal fissure is a small tear or crack occurring in the anus. It may occur when passing large or hard stool, strain happen in childbirth, or experiencing repeated diarrhea. Anal fissure can cause pain and bleeding during bowel movements. It also cause itching and burning in the anal areas. The anal fissure problem can affect to both men and women of all age and it’s often seen in infants and young children.

Anal Fissure Surgeon in Chennai

Symptoms of Anal fissure :

Some of the symptoms that helps to recognise anal fissure are :

  • Burning or itching in the anal area
  • Severe pain may feel in the anal area during bowel movements
  • Visible tear in the skin around the aanus
  • Blood on stools

Anal fissure is usually a minor condition that can be sometimes cured by home treatments itself. But if you have a anal fissure problem that hasn’t cured after 8 to 12 weeks it is considered as long term (chronic) fissure. In such situations surgery may be needed.

Surgeon is one of the eminent Anal Fissure Surgeon in Chennai, who has a vast experience and expertise in the field of Gastroenterology. We provide treatment for all types of gastrointestinal problems in a cost effective manner.
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